Please read Game Manual 1 for all the rules on Judging.

Due to FIRST regulations, only two mentors/adults will be allowed in the judging rooms, only if the students want them in the room with them, but are NOT allowed to participate or say a word.

According to FIRST, Cameras are allowed during the judging process, but only if:

A student member of the team is recording
The team intent is to use the recording for its value as a learning opportunity
The recording process is unobtrusive and is not disruptive
The event organizer allows this at their event.


(Source: Game Manual 1, 4.6.3)

1st Event $150 : 2nd $100 : 3rd $75

​​Check-in will be located at the Pit admin, located on the left side of the gym. Only one adult/mentor/coach is needed to check in the whole team. Each team will receive a packet, along with driver and coach badges. Please check in on Friday if your team is able to make it that night. This will allow for a quicker turn around when it comes to schedules and inspections on Saturday. Please keep in mind that you must wear safety glasses when entering the pit area to set up your pit, and during the event.    

The Arizona/New Mexico Championship will take place in Flagstaff on February 21, 2020. If your team advances to the Championship, you will have until the Tuesday (Jan.29th) following the Qualifying Tournament to accept your spot at the tournament. Please email by 5 pm to secure your spot, or your place will be given to the next team on the list. We will advance up to 40+ teams to the Championship plus the host teams. The number of teams advancing from each Qualifying Tournament depends on the size of the event, but will be approximately one team for every six teams competing. 

Stands / Seating


We ask that any coned off area stay clear. If there are any cars with trailers, we ask that they park outside of the parking lot, along the sidewalk on Galveston St. The same goes for “long” buses. Short buses are fine inside of the parking lot.

Please do not park sideways in the parking spaces, as we do not have a large parking lot. We do not want any damage done to any cars as a result of a trailer trying to pull out of a spot.

(*The school WILL NOT be responsible for damage that occurs in the parking lot) 

Important Notice

​​Hardware inspection will be located by the practice fields on both Friday and Saturday. Field inspection takes place on the competition fields, with the FTAs. Your team will not be allowed to compete in qualifying matches until your robot has passed inspection! Make passing inspection you FIRST PRIORITY. (Issues do happen!)



(*No Safety glasses required in this area*)

Seating for the event, is on standard gym bleachers. Please bring comfortable pads/gym bleacher chairs if you are in need of them. Do NOT place chairs on the gym floor on the left side of the stands, as that is a walkway to the practice fields. Please keep in mind that there are going to be 24 teams at this event. Please be respectful and keep in mind GP when it comes to the limited seating. We ask that no one sits on the floor next to the fencing, as it may block visibility for others. We ask that any cameras being set up, are done so from the side or top of the stands, as they have a tendency to get in the way of people viewing the matches.

Outlets are located at the top section of the bleachers for anyone to use. If there is a plug or outlet in use, please do NOT unplug, as it may be to something running the event. Outlets are also located near or at your pit. Please charge any batteries from your pit, and not from the bleachers. Thank you!

*Please refrain from accessing the “crow’s nest” above the bleachers. No one is allowed inside of it.

Team Cost to compete:

Free to the public 

​​​​​PLEASE NOTE THAT NO WIFI NETWORKS MAY BE SET UP BY TEAMS IN OR AROUND THE PIT OR COMPETITION VENUE! Outside WiFi networks and devices may interfere with communications on the competition field, so we would also ask that all mobile devices with WiFi capability have the WiFi set to off during the competition.

7:00 am - Check in: Pits open, Team registration opens, Inspection continues
8:00 am - Drivers meeting on the field with the head referee

Coaches meeting in the pit with the Tournament Directors
8:30 am - Judging sessions and practice matches begin


(*Please try to make it to the event by then, Please call if you are running late.) 


(If you are not inspected by this time, don't worry, we will get you inspected!) (Don't forget Friday.)
10:15 am - Opening Ceremonies
10:30 am - Qualification matches
12:00 pm - Lunch
1:00 pm - Qualification matches resume
2:30 pm - Alliance selections
3:00 pm - Elimination matches
4:30 pm - Award ceremony
5:15 pm - Event ends

*Subject to change

January 22-23, 2020​​

6900 W Galveston St. Chandler, AZ 85226

Friday, January 22, 5-8:00pm

Venue opens to teams for early check in, inspection, pit set up and practice. We encourage as many teams as possible to take advantage of this opportunity. Getting all teams inspected in a timely manner will ensure that the event runs on time.

Saturday, January 23
, 7am-Close

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Year!​


Don’t forget your Gracious Professionalism!
Scout! You never know if you might be selecting an alliance.
Cheer! Bring up the energy of our event and have a blast!
Make sure your phone and robot batteries are fully charged before coming out to a match. This is the #1 reason why robots stop moving on the field and is entirely preventable!
Please no WiFi devices!
Please leave our school cleaner than you found it.



The lunch break will be from 12-1pm. There are several quick and easy food options near our school. A flyer will be located in your packet for options when you arrive and check in at the school. We will also have a concession stand set up in the lobby of the Gym with drinks and snacks.

Type your paragraph here.

Practice matches are on a first come, first serve basis on the main fields. Match and judging schedules will be generated once all teams are checked in. TEAMS MUST BE CHECKED IN BY 8:30AM.

​Each team will get 5 qualifying matches with time built in for robot repairs and battery charging. Teams will also be assigned a 10 minute judging Interview time that will take place before opening ceremonies. If possible, the whole team and robot are invited to participate in the interview. Judges will also circulate throughout the pit and the competition field to interview teams informally. 

Home Depot is located just down the street from our school, along with Lowes (Ray/Priest-56th Street).

Judging Room Rules


Match Schedules

Things to Rememeber


to the Arizona Championship


© 2010 The United States Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST®). Used by special permission. All rights reserved. FIRST is not overseeing, involved with, or responsible for this activity, product, or service. 


​​​​​​​PitsSafety Glasses and close toed shoes are REQUIRED to enter Pit area. Judges/volunteers will be looking for violators. Safety Glasses will be available for kids and adults to borrow if they do not have any, but we asking teams to bring their own, so our supply is available for visitors to the event.

A Map of the pits is located at the bottom of this page. Team Pit Location may be updated closer to the event. (It will show on the picture below)

- Pits will be a 9x9 square for your team.

- 8ft table

- 2 chairs

*If you do not want the table or chairs, Please email  

- Electrical lines will run behind the pits. There will not be a dedicated outlet per pit. You will need to share with pits around your team.

* Please tape down any cords in walking paths.

* If you have more than one team, and would like to have pits next to each other, email
- Please do not move your pit to a different location/pit. Keeping your spot will allow for queuers to find you quickly.


Practice Fields will be located in a room next to the pit area. We ask that you use Gracious Professionalism with other teams when using the field. Please do not “over stay your welcome” while on the field. Full fields will be supplied from Valley X Robotics 2844 and 3+ Robotics 12841. Please do NOT take the game elements and pieces off the field, or home with you. We would like to keep a FULL field setup. Thank you.

​As the map shows, both the main field and pits are located in the same gym. Keep in mind that it can get loud from time to time in the Gym. The speakers inside the gym are directional and most announcements on the main field will not be heard from the pits.

Black curtains will separate the pits from the main fields. We ask that everyone refrain from leaning on, leaning anything against, touching, tugging, or securing anything to these curtains. They are acting as a barrier and as a noise damper in the room.