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These carts could not be possible without our generous sponsors: John Irvine, Industrial Metal Supply, Alpha Machine Company Inc, PTC, Port Plastics, and The Home Depot
Our custom Pit Cart design is a 7.5ft by 2.5ft by 7.5ft tall cart that travels with the teams to all of our events. The inspiration of a project this size came from FRC 973 and FRC 4952. The Pit Cart, paired with our 52" toolbox, creates a seamless and clean pit design that allows us to pull up to an event, and have the a full pit setup within the first 10-15 minutes. Integrated into the top of our toolbox is our Battery Charging stations, for both our tools, and the robot batteries. Our Pit Cart also has built in power, powering 9 dual power outlets, along with workstation lights, computer screens, vacuum system, and air compressor. Below the work surface, 4 large totes can be stored, with a lockable storage section beside it. Above the workstation is a storage rack system that allows us completely organize all of our parts, and quickly get to them. The top portion of the cart is on 2 linear actuators, and with the push of a button, can be brought down to fit through a standard single doorway, and traveling package. 

In Memory of: 

John Irvine